Erosion occurs when wind and water carry away surface soil. Certain activities such as road construction and homebuilding, which disturb the land, increase the probability of erosion. In these cases, erosion and sediment control guidelines are followed to conserve nearby natural resources.

The Alabama Handbook for Erosion Control, Sediment Control, and Stormwater Management on Construction Sites and Urban Areas

View or download the full version of guidelines, scenarios, and practices:

Field Guide For Erosion and Sediment Control On Construction Sites In Alabama

We wrote the book — Literally! — On erosion & sediment control.

The pocket-sized field guide covers the most commonly used erosion and sediment control practices. It is very useful for home builders, general contractors, road builders, city engineers, erosion and sediment control planners and designers, plan reviewers, and inspectors.

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Profile of Typical Rock Check Dams


Profile and Cross-Section of Typical Rock Check Dams