2016 FAWN Field Trip

Approximately 310 Monroe County 5th grade students and chaperones attended the FAWN (Forestry Awareness Week Now) Field Trip on October 12-13, 2016. During their visit, students stopped at 7 different stations throughout the day to learn about the contributions forests make to the environmental quality and economy of Alabama and to promote healthy and productive rural and urban forests, clean water and abundant wildlife.

Retiring Supervisor Jeral Jordan receives Emeritus Status Award

Jeral Jordan retired from the Monroe County Conservation District on August 18, 2016, after 31 years of dedication and service. During a special retirement ceremony, Jordan received an Emeritus Status Award from Alabama Soil & Water Conservation Committee’s Dr. William Puckett. Also during the ceremony, Chairman Jimmy Brooks inroduced new Supervisor Justin House and new Advisor Brian Harrison to the district board. House farms 1800 acres of peanuts, cotton and corn in Uriah, AL. Harrison farms 1000 acres of peanuts and cotton in Uriah.


Classroom in the Forest/Forest in the Classroom

2016 Forest in the Classroom/Classroom in the Forest Conecuh County Forestry Committee held its annual Classroom in the Forest Tuesday, April 26th at Bookers Mill. Five stations were setup to teach the local 5th graders different aspects of the forest and how important it is to keep a healthy forest. Our stations included Nature Crafts, Hayride, Skins & Skulls, Creatures of the Forest and Tree and Plant Identification. Forest in the Classroom is held two weeks prior to the Classroom in the Forest. Two teams from the forestry committee went to each 5th grade classroom in Conecuh County to prepare the students for the field trip. Each team consist of a 1) Resource Provider to discuss resources of the forest; 2) Private Landowner to explain the important position a landowner has in taking care the forest; 3) Stakeholder to talked about how important the forestland is to everyone, and the many benefits we receive from a healthy forest.


Ag Farm Safety Day

This event is opened to 4th graders throughout Baldwin County. Topics covered are: Sun Safety, Gun Safety, Animal Safety, Tractor Safety, Electrical Safety, Fire Safety, Chemical Safety, Seatbelt Safety, 811 Call Before you Dig and so much more. The purpose of this event is to increase safety awareness and provide educational resources to students to carry throughout their life and help educate their family and friends. Most lessons can make a difference between life or death. Baldwin County Landjudging Competition: Land judging can help to: Understand basic soil differences. Know how soil properties affect crop growth. Know why soils respond differently to manage­ment practices. Realize the influence of land features on produc­tion and land protection. Select suitable soil and water conservation prac­tices. Determine land capability class. Determine proper use and treatment.