St.Clair County Education Outreach

In 2015, conservation districts educated 100,000 students statewide about agriculture, farming, wildlife, and (of course) conservation! Alabama is blessed with an abundance of natural resources and natural beauty. Conservation districts offer a number of educational programs to show students how to be good stewards of our natural resources so future generations can enjoy the same Alabama the Beautiful we know and love. Contact your district administrative coordinator if you’d like to bring an educational program to your school or group, and be sure to check out what’s available on the state level too.

Ag in Action trailer – K-12 agriculture, soil, water, and forestry education

Water Festival
– The purpose of the festival is to educate 4th grade students about the importance of water, where their drinking water comes from, and how to protect it and keep it clean for themselves and future generations. The students will participate in three hands-on activities and experiments followed by an exciting magic show. All the hands-on activities directly correlate with the Alabama Course of Study Science Objectives and SAT Objectives for fourth grade.

Enviroscape – The Enviroscape helps educate 4th and 5th grade students about point and non-point pollution.

Soil baby project
– The soil baby project is a hands-on project that helps educate about soil health.

Classroom in the Forest-Forest in the Classroom
– This program educated county, city, and private schools about their natural resources. The students will participate in hands-on learning activities focusing on why our forest lands are so important and with the interdependence of plants, trees, wildlife, soil and water, and the effect of human actions on nature, and the need for responsible action.

Rain barrel workshops – This workshop is to educate adults about harvesting rain water to reuse for gardening.

Ruby Raindrop and Sammy Soil – Ruby and Sammy are mascots that loved to educate about clean water and healthy soil.