Cullman County Education Outreach

In 2015, conservation districts educated 100,000 students statewide about agriculture, farming, wildlife, and (of course) conservation! Alabama is blessed with an abundance of natural resources and natural beauty. Conservation districts offer a number of educational programs to show students how to be good stewards of our natural resources so future generations can enjoy the same Alabama the Beautiful we know and love. Contact your district administrative coordinator if you’d like to bring an educational program to your school or group, and be sure to check out what’s available on the state level too.

FAWN (Forestry Awareness Week Now) – For all 6th grade students. To make the students aware of the importance of natural resources to the quality of their lives today and help influence the choices they will make as adults in appreciating, managing and protecting these resources for the future.

Cullman County Water Festival – To educate 4th graders about all aspects of water and to instill in them a general environmental awareness and stewardship ethic. Each student participates in 3 hands-on water activites.

Touring Farms For Kids – 2 day event each June to highlight Cullman County’s agriculture.

FFA Land Judging Contest – The event is designed to help students learn more about and, difference in soils and their capabilities, methods of soil conservation and improvement, treatments to help in obtaining higher production, and selection of suitable home sites.

FFA Forestry Judging Contest – To stimulate student’s interest in forestry, promote forestry instruction in the agricultural education curriculum and recognize students who lean and demonstrate competence in forestry.

County Exhibits – Display booths and/or exhibits at the Cullman County Fair, Oktoberfest, Farm Y’all Festival and Peinhardt Farm Day.

Poster and Essay Contests – Annual poster and essay contest

Teacher’s Workshop – Participants receive CEU credits.

Classroom Programs – CCCD staff comes into the classroom and present educational programs. All supplies are included and are free.

Conservation Education & Resource Guide – for all ages.

Video Tapes