Conecuh County Education Outreach

In 2015, conservation districts educated 100,000 students statewide about agriculture, farming, wildlife, and (of course) conservation! Alabama is blessed with an abundance of natural resources and natural beauty. Conservation districts offer a number of educational programs to show students how to be good stewards of our natural resources so future generations can enjoy the same Alabama the Beautiful we know and love. Contact your district administrative coordinator if you’d like to bring an educational program to your school or group, and be sure to check out what’s available on the state level too.

Poster/Essay Contest

Poster/Essay Contest is held the first week of March each year. Grades k-12 are eligible to enter the poster contest and grades 7-12 are eligible to enter the essay contest. For each category we have 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners. Our 1st place winners entry are sent to the Area VI contest. 1st place winners for the area is sent to the State contest and from there the 1st place entry goes to the National level. This is an awesome opportunity for our county students to show their ideas and interest in Conserving Alabama.

T&K Farms Education Day

T&K Farms Education Day is held in May at T&K Farms. Hillcrest High School – STEM (Science Technology Mathematics) students spend the day learning different aspects of math and science.

The about the different species Mr. Hall has on his farm. They also learn about fishing, making fishing poles, and about water quality. This field day is made possible through an RC&D grant.

Forest in the Classroom/Classroom in the Forest

Conecuh County Forestry Committee holds an annual Classroom in the Forest in April at Saloom Properties. Five stations are set up to teach the local 5th graders different aspects of the forest and how important it is to keep a healthy forest. Our stations included Nature Crafts, Tree and Plant Identification, Control Burning, Soil and Skins and Skulls.

Forest in the Classroom is held two weeks prior to the Classroom in the Forest. Two teams from the forestry committee goes to each 5th grade classroom in Conecuh County to prepare the students for the field trip. Each team consist of a 1) Resource Provider to discuss resources of the forest; 2) Private Landowner to explain the important position a landowner has in taking care the forest; 3) Stakeholder to talked about how important the forestland is to everyone, and the many benefits we receive from a healthy forest.

Forestry Planning Committee

Conecuh County Conservation is active in the Forestry Planning Committee