Coffee County Education Outreach

In 2015, conservation districts educated 100,000 students statewide about agriculture, farming, wildlife, and (of course) conservation! Alabama is blessed with an abundance of natural resources and natural beauty. Conservation districts offer a number of educational programs to show students how to be good stewards of our natural resources so future generations can enjoy the same Alabama the Beautiful we know and love. Contact your district administrative coordinator if you’d like to bring an educational program to your school or group, and be sure to check out what’s available on the state level too.

Groundwater Festivals – March 16, 17, and 24, 2016. All 4th grade students in the county are invited to attend. Groups rotate through three water-related hands-on activities.

Forestry Tour – April 9, 2016. Forestry landowners are invited. Wildlife, burning and timber marketing will be discussed.

Forestry and Wildlife Field Days
– October 2016. All 5th grade students in the county are invited. Programs include wildlife habitat and best management timber practices.