The Alabama Conservation District Employees Association (ACDEA) is a coalition of the District administrative coordinators (DACs) in each of Alabama’s 67 counties. DACs are the backbone of the Alabama Soil & Water Conservation Committee. They are the local connection for the farmer and land user to available resources through the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and they are the leaders of education initiatives in their local districts. ACDEA conducts business at meetings held quarterly and during the summer at a training and planning seminar.


Mandi Milford,, President
Tallapoosa County Conservation District

Charity Mitcham, Past President
St. Clair County Conservation District

Deb Clements, Vice President
Bibb County Conservation Districts

Carol Threatt, Treasurer
Barbour County Conservation District

Holly Killian, Secretary
Jefferson County Conservation District


Contact Mandi Milford
256.329.3084 or [email protected]